Archive Binge Helps You Catch Up On RSS Feeds

ArchiveBingeWhen you discover a new web comic (or other cool online publication), it's fatally easy to waste hours catching up on the older material. Archive Binge tempers that tendency by automatically feeding older entries into your preferred RSS reader.

Archive Binge was created by comics author David Morgan-Mar to help new readers catch up on older entries in his and other comics. As he explains:

You can set your custom feed to deliver a strip every day, 4 strips every weekday, or whatever you want, up to 10 strips a day.

Archive Binge is free, requires registration. Currently, the service is only opt-in for a handful of web comics — it'd be great to see the idea more widely adopted for other kinds of media feeds. Thanks DavidP!

Archive Binge [via Wondermark]


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