Add A Bookmark Button To Google Chrome's Toolbar

Want access to your Chrome bookmarks without adding a toolbar or relying on auto-complete typing? A quick command line switch—yes, another one—gives Windows Chrome users a drop-down bookmark button your main toolbar.

To get the button, right-click on your Chrome launching shortcut, select Properties, and in the "target" field, add —bookmark-menu one space after the final chrome.exe. As the Download Squad blog points out, there are more than a few command line switches at this point to add new features, but you can add multiple switches to get all the features. That would look like chrome.exe —bookmark-menu —enable-user-scripts, for example, if you wanted both a bookmark menu and user script support.

How to add a bookmarks button to your Google Chrome toolbar [Download Squad]


    worked great for me... thanks!

    Doesn't work in XP sp3 :-(

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