Your Lights Are On! Sends SMS To Save Your Car Battery

lightson Leaving your car lights on overnight is still one of the more reliable ways to kill the battery. Your Lights Are On! lets you notify other drivers if they've failed to switch off the lights via text message.

The no-frills and free service is pretty straightforward. If you see a car with its lights on, you send an SMS with the licence plate number to a dedicated number. Assuming the owner of the car has already registered with the free service (a simple process on the site), they'll get sent a message telling them to get the lights situation sorted pronto.

The service is only likely to get traction if a large number of people sign up for it, but it's not often you can try and be a good Samaritan for the cost of a text message. (The site proclaims that it will notify users by text if the free aspect ever changes.)

Picture by FelixR

Your Lights Are On!


    They should make a bumper sticker to go with it. "Did I leave my lights on? Text my license plate to this number!"

      Or a business card size note that you can leave on the windscreen that says "if you had registered with 'Your lights are on' I could have notified you and you wouldn't be stuck now".

    I'm holding out for some sister sites to pop up...



    I think would be good for idiots who drive in the dark with no lights, except they'd need to read their mobile while driving...

    or would be esssential for the miilions of australians who drive oblivious to the extreme hazards their unroadworthy vehicle poses to others.

    Why only lights? Why can't we send messages like "get your car out because it is blocking mine" or "your car is being towed" or "your parking has expired" or "nice car" or many other things.

    Pretty narrow minded service if you think about it.

      Why indeed?! Thank you Wobble, for inspiring us to action. We here at Working Software have never been ones to disregard the demands of our adoring public. I give you SMS My Ride!

      Replete with 4, count 'em, 4 notification options (and we'd love to hear more you think might be useful).

      Oh, and thanks for the write up lifehax0rz :)

    Or you can just drive a Subaru where the headlights turn off automatically when you turn the car off, and ther is a switch on top of the steering column to force them on if you need them...

    Why this isn't a standard feature, I have no idea - Subaru have been doing it on every car since the 80s.

    Most modern cars beep or ping when you forget your lights on anyway.

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