Woolworths Offering 20% Off iTunes Cards

Woolworths Offering 20% Off iTunes Cards

Those iTunes card discounts keep rolling around like clockwork -- this week, Woolworths has 20% off $20, $30 and $50 cards. Not quite as good a deal as two $20 cards for $30, which crops up now and again, but still a worthwhile saving. Thanks Suwandy! [via OzBargain]


  • These offers can be hard for the staff to process. Had lots of problems a couple of years ago where Big W, Target etc had them advertised in their cataloges, but the staff in the stores didn’t have permissions, or were unable to make the tills do the transaction.

    They were genuinely unable to (not giving me BS) which it let to a great deal of stress when I insisted with the manager that I get the advertised offer. Manager couldn’t override the system either.

    • Well I dont know about a couple of years ago, but as of this year I have not paid full price for a gift card thanks to lifhacker.
      And I must say that I have not had any problems with the staff being able to process the transaction.
      So go ahead and take full advantage.

  • Australia post also has 10% off them at the moment. Not as good a deal, but maybe you already need to post a package or something and the extra 10% isn’t worth a 2nd trip or something.

  • I walked into my local Woolworths today and bought one with the 20% discount applied automatically without even asking. They even had an advert that they were selling them at 20% off on the electronic display at the counter. No fuss.

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