Where Guests Hide Stuff In Hotel Rooms

ichotelroom Even when a hotel room has been cleaned, stuff often gets left behind. If you're looking for hidden treasures, a senior hotel executive suggests checking the bathroom, the bed, and the in-room Bible.

According to Bill Peer, vice president of enterprise architecture for the InterContinetal Hotels group, the "three Bs" are often used (deliberately in most cases) to conceal items. Here's the specifics, as outlined by Peer during a presentation at the Genesys G-Force conference in Melbourne this week:

Bathroom ledges — wedding rings. People don't deliberately leave these behind, but it seems many travellers on business trips decide to conceal their married status. "They never come and ask for them back," Peer notes.

Bibles — money. "Check the Bible in your room — it's amazing what you'll find in there. There's often money," Peer says. Whether this is because people think thieves will feel guilty when stealing from inside a religious text or because believers want to reward acts of faith isn't clear.

Between mattresses - pornography. Yes, really — Peer theorises that airline pilots have an effective "library" system for exchanging adult reading in hotels where they stay regularly. "If you're bored at night and you don't want to be caught clicking on the movie, check between the mattresses," he suggests.

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    Also behind the couch. Between the seat and the back bit. You find heaps of change (money) down their. Also, not in a hotel, but Harvey Norman's furniture section. Found $5 their from heaps of different seats.

    Check behind wall paintings or picture frames. Passports, tickets, money and credit cards are put there also.

    I also check behind them for bugs or hidden pin hole cameras. The last thing you want being spied on during your mission.

    I have found many valuables including rings, cash, jewlery, money clips and assorted items of interest on the very top of tall dressers, wall units, underneath bathroom counter ledges, and inside of zippered cushions. As a flight attendent I am always on the prowl for items of interest in hotel rooms and consider myself a professional at finding them. During one overnight stay, I found a woman's wedding ring worth over $5000!

      And u kept the ring? Shame on you

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