When Are Cheap, Fast Gadgets Good Enough For You?

According to Wired, we are now witnessing the Good Enough Tech Revolution, defined as a period when simple and cheap gadgets reign supreme over expensive and complicated. So we're wondering when cheap and simple is good enough for you?

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Writes Wired:

Cheap, fast, simple tools are suddenly everywhere. We get our breaking news from blogs, we make spotty long-distance calls on Skype, we watch video on small computer screens rather than TVs, and more and more of us are carrying around dinky, low-power netbook computers that are just good enough to meet our surfing and emailing needs. The low end has never been riding higher.

Other examples of this good enough trend, according to the post? The Flip digital camcorder and cloud computing. So, when it comes to gadgets, when is cheap and simple good enough for you? And when are you willing to pay a premium for all the bells and whistles? Let's hear your takes in the comments.

The Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine [Wired]


    SMS and Twitter are two classic examples I think. Though with my iphone, I'm just starting to get hooked on MMS photo messages.

    Just a short list cause i gotta get back to work:

    - Analogue TV over Digital (mainly cause digital reception sucks and often gives worse quality than analogue due to the all or nothing flaw, and nothing to watch on the bonus channels)

    - Regular DVD over High Def/Blu Ray (cause i don't give a rats ass about High Def quality video)

    - Stereo sound over Surround Sound

    - Cheap DVD players like Conia over the 'leading brands' cause the cheaper ones play Mpeg4 videos.

    - VCR over DVR (does the job for me, at least for now, VHS tapes easier than transferring a show to DVD)

    - Not a gadget but most Home Brand groceries over their counterparts that are 3x more expensive, since it tastes good enough.

      If you want to save money just consider this. There are allot of products where brand names will cost you more but there is no difference between them.

      Coles Paracetamol- 87c
      Herron Paracetamol - $1.80
      Panadol - $4.99

      All have 24 tablets. All contain 500mg paracetamol. All exactly the same thing.

      Just like:
      -Toothpastes (all have basically the same ingredients)
      -canned beetroot (beetroot is beetroot)
      -lemonade (my kids can't tell the difference)

      I could go on forever....

    It's been a few years since I have bothered to carry out a major upgrade to my computer - a bigger hard disk every now and then when the storage sweet spot movement makes it worthwhile. For most users there is little need to have the latest and greatest MB/video card combo.

    Netbooks are great, I have one, but not quite there yet, just a little faster please, another 12 months?

    Blu-ray? Look, sure it's good but it's not compelling for me.

    The most obvious and widespread case of this is Apple's bundled iPhone headphones. Utter garbage, and millions use them.

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