VapURL Creates Self-Terminating Temporary URLs

Need to create a URL that disappears into thin air? VapURL creates a shortened URL with a shelf life.

Whatever your motivation for doing so, if you need to create a URL that has a fixed lifespan you can do so with VapURL. You plug a URL into the VapURL site or use the VapURL Bookmarklet and specify the parameters of expiration. You can have a VapURL expire after a set number of visits, a set amount of time, or a combination of both variables.

Have a novel ULR-tweaking service to share? Sound off in the comments.

VapURL [via MakeUseOf]


    Not useful? To the contrary!

    I've found VapURL /very/ useful. I create screencast clips of project work and prototypes that are confidential and not for general distribution. Using vapurl, I can create a temporary URL for embedding in my movieplayer pointing to the clip, confident that once the intended prospect has viewed it, it can't be forwarded to someone else. If I want to reactivate the presentation, I can just refresh the vapurl.

    Someone said to "ban" it? Hahaha. Ridiculous!

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