Use Remember The Milk To Plan Groceries And Meals

Use Remember The Milk To Plan Groceries And Meals

Web-based task manager Remember the Milk stands out for its ubiquity, and a few of its users have suggested novel ways to use its tags, priorities and separate lists as a multi-person household grocery and meal planner.

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Culled from the webapp's Tips & Tricks forum, these user's tips show off clever uses of features originally intended to organise a work day, but which work well for giving everyone an idea of what needs to be bought for dinner, in which quantities, and what a spouse might already have been picked up:

Each of us can put items on the list when we think of it from either work, home or via our smartphones and whoever is doing the shopping always has an up-to-date list. It works especially well as we often stop in to pick up one or two items, but we can also see what else needs to be bought. We use the ‘priority' function to separate our items into the general areas of the supermarket, to make it easier to sort through a long list.

Of course, these tips can be worked into other to-do/task management systems that support tags, priorities, and shared items with just a bit of tinkering.

How do you split grocery duties up in your household, other than huddling over a paper list? Tell us your techniques in the comments.

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  • I used to use RTM for a grocery list but found that it was a pain to get things into the order I want (messing around with the priorities was janky and annoying – and i still didn’t have complete control).

    I now use todoist – we add items during the week and then I easily drag and drop the items into the aisle order (no more backtracking) before shopping. easy.

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