Use Baking Paper To Keep The Office Sandwich Press Clean

toastedsandwichA sandwich press is a welcome addition to any workplace kitchen, and a fine way of making your packed lunch more interesting. However, keeping it clean can be a fiddly task.

Picture by su-lin

Reader Josh G writes in with an obvious but still notable means of avoiding the melted-cheese-scraping blues:

Often kitchens at workplaces have a sandwich press, but too often coworkers do not clean up properly. To not contaminate your own sandwich, and not leave any extra crumbs on the press, wrap the sandwich in baking paper before you put in on the press.

If your problem is stopping people stealing your toasted sandwich ingredients before you use them, check out our post on how to handle kitchen thieves. Thanks Josh!


    If only other people would take this tip to heart, too.

    At Uni, I was the generous (ie, Naive) one who donated their sandwich press to the dorm (8 of us). Later that term, it was basically just a hot plate of grease and raw metal!

    Oh well.

    After a hot plate is clean, keep a bottle of white vinegar handy for wiping down the hot plate with a paper towel as soon as it is used. Works a real treat! A dose of vinegar and water (50-50) in the office electric kettle over night will remove all the calcified stains, too.

    I have a George Foreman grill and since I discovered the baking paper trick I use it much more often. I used to hate cleaning my GF Grill, now it is not an issue.

    Ooow, What did they cook for the pic? Looks like a stuffed squirrel!

    I do this at home and it definitely saves having to clean up a big mess. I use baking paper for lining dishes when i do a lot of cooking ie for bacon and egg pie, for cooking chicken etc.....saves a lot of cleaning up. Baking paper is an essential for me.

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