Use A Sliced-Up Wine Cork To Stabilise Wobbly Tables

A wobbly table is one of life's minor, yet avoidable, annoyances. Save the cork from your next bottle of wine to make a travel-friendly wobble fixer.

If you have a wine cork and a steady hand, you can turn the cork into a dozen disks, perfect for throwing in a laptop bag to steady wobbly coffee shop tables. Never get stuck perched on one side of the table again trying to keep your coffee and laptop steady. The comments on the tutorial are full of great ideas, including using a film canister to store them, and adding sticky tape so that the tables you fix will stay wobble free in the future. Got your own dirty hack for steadying your household tables? Tell us about it in the comments.

Stop Table Wobbles [Instructables]


    Pity wine bottles don't use corks any more. They are all twist tops.

    Folded paper or drink coasters work well.

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