Twitter To Officially Support Retweets

retweetedRetweeting a message is one of the most common Twitter activities, but wasn’t part of Twitter’s original design, meaning you sometimes need workarounds to retweet effectively. That’s set to change in the near future with Twitter officially adding retweet support.

Twitter’s official blog says that support for retweeting with Twitter will be available “in a few weeks”, though it will be rolled out to developers first and then to a limited subset of Twitter users. Many standalone Twitter clients already include their own retweeting options, but for users of the standard site, not having to copy and paste to resend messages is a great boon, and no doubt developers will come up with other interesting ways to use the feature once it’s available.

While you’re waiting, learn how to retweet more effectively by remembering the impact of your name and how to block retweets for more effective searches.

Project Retweet: Phase One [Twitter Blog]


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