TV Complaints Could Soon Be Lodged By Email

TV Complaints Could Soon Be Lodged By Email

Outraged by something you’ve seen on television? Right now, if you want to make an official complaint to the station, it needs to be by snailmail, but that could change in the near future.

Amanda Meade at the Australian reports that proposed changes to the TV Code of Practice which binds commercial stations could see email complaints allowed. As Meade notes, “it is expected that, once viewers can send an email to their local TV channel, the volume of complaints will rise significantly”. Indeed, one potential downside might be organised electronic complaints by pressure groups. Such campaigns were a significant factor in some overseas TV “scandals” such as Janet Jackson’s nipple exposure at Superbowl in the US and the Celebrity Big Brother racism row in the UK.

Is it time for local TV codes of practice to reflect the electronic communications reality, or is being forced to send a letter a better way of ensuring that complaints aren’t frivolous? Give your view in the comments.

TV rage gets email outlet


  • I think email might make it easier for pressure groups, but if they are going to complain they will do it regardless.

    I would probably be more likely to email as I’m hopeless with mailing actual letters, but I am mostly of the opinion that “if I don’t like it, I know where my off switch is” and wish more people would share in that.

  • Don’t make it easier for tools who don’t know how to switch the tv off, look away or learn to disassociate when they feel offended, the world is going south too quickly as it is without precious people complaining about objectionable stuff on TV.

  • so it will be december soon and i still have to rely on snail mail to complain,,,,, frustrated……………… say the least……..
    tv is making alot of people depressed and unfulfilled with its current hysteria approach.

    not a happy customer
    please be more aware!

    yours sincerely


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