Turn Old CDs Into Dumbbells To Beat Clutter And Boost Muscles

Grab your box of misguided music choices, because your Limp Bizkit CDs will no longer embarrass you. Those old CDs (and ISP promo disks, too) can turn into DIY dumbbells and give you arms to be proud of.

Photo by automatthias

After remarking on someone else's music choices earlier in the day, I started going through some of my old CDs. I was left entirely devastated somewhat annoyed when I realise that my once beloved/always hated copy of Spiceworld was scratched up, and that many other old, damaged or not, were eating up useful storage space. Thankfully PopSci's Bjorn has a solution in the form of this clever repurposing hack:

How do you repurpose old CDs? (Or the empty spindles for that matter?) Do you turn them into DIY exercise equipment, or lamps, or do you just get a workout when you take them to the trash bin? Tell us all about your CD hacks in the comments.

5-Minute Project Video: CD Dumbbell [PopSci]


    That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

    what is the weight of this cd dumbbells

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