Turn A Pair Of Water Wings Into A Travel Pillow

Turn A Pair Of Water Wings Into A Travel Pillow

Anyone who has logged even a single long-distance flight knows how hard getting some good sleep on a plane can be. Use this cheap and ingenious hack to get the rest you need.

Star Simpson was tired of never getting a good nap while stuck on cramped planes. She wanted a pillow that packed light, kept her from getting pain from bent joins and a cricked neck, and could be stashed easily in a carry-on. The solution turned out to not only meet those criteria but be incredibly cheap too.

All you’ll need to construct the incredible comfortable set of pillows shown here is a pair of kid’s water wings—known as floaties around here—some fabric, and a way to sew. Star used an old t-shirt which sounds like a perfect source of fabric since most t-shirt material is soft, slightly stretchy, and breathes well. She tested it on her last flight:

I am massively pleased with the results. It’s amazing how much more wonderful life when you wake up feeling actually rested! Also, they’re super-light and they pack up tiny.

One unexpected added benefit was discovering that these keep my hands were really warm – much nicer than finding various limbs asleep, or joints crimped into awkwardness and discomfort – which is how I think of all prior aeroplane and travel sleep.

Check out the rest of the article at the link below for additional pictures how using water wings to turn your hands into comfy mini-pillows allows for some versatile positioning during your next in-flight snooze. If you have your own crafty way of getting comfortable in the cramped confines airline, bus, or car travel, let’s hear about it in the comments.

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