Turn A Pair Of Walkie-Talkies Into A Long-Distance Camera Trigger

A cable release is great if you're standing next to the camera. An infra-red remote works fine if you're standing in front of the camera. But what if you're half a kilometre away? Walkie-talkies can provide the range.

Flickr user, Majet, wanted to start taking wildlife photos but he didn't want to disturb the wildlife he was photographing. His solution? Build a simple electronic relay that would take the pulse sent by a walkie-talkie and translate it into a remote shutter release via the electronic cable-release port on his camera.

The project requires a little bit of electronic know-how, but Majet will be the first to tell you that the build is quite manageable, even for a total novice. Check out the link below for a photo tutorial and build guide and make sure to check out the photographs he took of a wild boar and her babies using his walkie-talkie rig. The boar photo set also includes photos of how he set up the system out in the field.

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Relay Switch for Long-Range Remote Shooting [via Make]


    And who said making remote triggers for IEDs was difficult!

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