Trillian Astra Leaves Beta, Rolls Out Bug-Fixes And Features Galore

Trillian Astra Leaves Beta, Rolls Out Bug-Fixes And Features Galore

Windows only: If our recent coverage of the Digsby-debacle has you down in the dumps over the departure of Digsby from your hard disk, you might want to check out Triillian Astra—fresh from beta and ready to go.

Cerulean Studios, the outfit behind Trillian, made an announcement today that Trillian Astra is out of beta and looking more polished than ever. If you’re into the gritty details you can check out the extensive change log of the newest release. If you’re more curious about the overall package check out the Trillian Astra feature list. Trillian Astra is currently available for Windows only.

Trillian Astra


  • With the Digsby article appearing yesterday even though the issues have been around in Digsby for months and this article appearing today even with a note pointing people towards Trillian, it almost reeks of a paid advertisement.

    Tragic timing for digsby or tragic journalism and ethics by lifehacker? Either way, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth after ebing a reader for so long.

    • The issues have been around in Digsby for months, but it was only this week that the How-To Geek noticed them and got around to writing about them — hence that bit of coverage. We like to be timely at Lifehacker, but if we decide information is worth sharing, we’re not going to say “Oh, someone else reported that earlier, therefore it doesn’t matter”.

      The fact that Trillian has exited beta is purely a coincidence, and down to its own development cycle and nothing else. We’ve been covering it for some time throghout the beta process, so it’s not like coverage got held off just to wait until a competitor tripped up. You’re reading way too much into it, Kade — and anything that’s an advertisement on the site is always clearly tagged as such.

  • I feel discomfort as well, possibly exacerbated by Angus’s rather defensive tone and his disingenuous claim regarding tagging advertising.

    Truth is that Digsby is as good a piece of software today as it was yesterday – and that means it’s excellent and highly regarded by Lifehacker readers (see recent Hive-Fives). To keep going they are trying to make some money. All of those techniques WERE flagged but also were probably excessive and not well explained. Digsby have made an explanation, even an apology and all of us can easily opt out of all their money raising. Reading the responses to their explanation it would seem many users are perfectly happy with the distributed computing “functionality” realizing that it is unobtrusive and “necessary”.

    At best your “Contributing-Editor’s” article was rather a rant and given Lifehacker’s influence even unbalanced.

    Lifehacker’s value was always that it made interesting recommendations and suggestions not that it indulged in software “politics”. It is a slippery slope you stand on. Besides the commenters can hold unbalanced views quite legitimately.

    • Two quick points Charles:

      (1) What’s your basis for saying my comments regarding advertising were disingenous?

      (2) As a regular reader, I’m sure you’re aware Lifehacker welcomes dissenting posts (and indeed invited them explicitly on the Digsby critique). But if someone makes an entirely unjustified and frankly irrational criticism — which is what has happened here, given the complete lack of connection between the Digsby post and Trillian’s ready-to-release state — I’m going to respond, as any sensible editor would.

      Also, I’m all for free software makers finding funding sources, but I can’t agree that the option to switch off the options that HTG found objectionable were easy to opt out of as you claim based on his description.

  • Not a huge fan of Trillian Astra, but I am wholly appreciative of IM clients that integrate all popular services into one – going to give it another crack, otherwise I’m waiting for Digsby to be cleaned up.

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