TrackEngine Tells You When Sites Change

TrackEngine Tells You When Sites Change

Want to track changes on a site that doesn’t use RSS? TrackEngine will send you email notifications whenever a specified site changes.

Once you’ve registered, using the service is pretty straightforward: it incorporates a ‘Track me!’ button which you can add to your toolbar to monitor selected sites (you can also add sites manually, if, like me, you’re not a toolbar fan).

You can alter the frequency sites are monitored (daily is the default), or only ask for updates when specific words are added — useful if, for example, you’re tracking gig announcements from a favoured artist. Indeed, there’s a plethora of customisation options, right down to the colouring of update emails, in the service’s Expert mode. TrackEngine is a free service, requires registration. Thanks Ian!



  • Ah, hate to point out the obvious, but if you’re not a ‘toolbar fan’ you can just store the bookmarklet in your bookmarks like everything else?

    Oh, and not too sure I’d count cutting journalism reporting a service that was registered in 31-jan-2000 according to whois.

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