The Tinkerer's Desk

Today's featured workspace won't win any awards for being amazingly uncluttered, but it is quite a well designed desk packed with features.

Lifehacker reader Sean Shrum wanted a desk that would fit all his needs so, like many of you, he turned to a DIY solution. Starting with raw lumber he built a large and sturdy desk that included a four foot wide keyboard tray with a built in USB hub and DVD burners mounted outside of the computer case to the bottom of the desk on each side of the keyboard so the drives are always at his finger tips.

Every part of the desk shows off Sean's tinkering streak from the tight cable management to the PSP stand made of Lego to the business card stand constructed of old BNC connectors. While there might be a little too much visual stimulation at this workstation for most people, it's undeniably well thought out and customised to the needs of its user. Check out the Flickr set at the link below for notes on the pictures. Great work Sean!

The Tinkerer's Desk [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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