The Point Of Simplicity Desktop

Reader absoluto's desktop puts all the controls, system info, and application launchers on the bars at the top and bottom of the screen, so they are always visible even with windows open.

The desktop is a combination of:

  • Samurize configurations for controls and system information.
  • At the Bottom: The darker bar, has been configured to show the name of the current tasks, and is able to interact with them: a left click open or minimize a window, a right click shows a menu and a middle click closes it.
  • Bottom Right corner: analogue and Digital Clock (and Date), I was tired to minimize the windows just to check the time.
  • Top Left corner: Has some Winamp controlling buttons, and near it, are the "bouncing" song info, and song progress.
  • Top Middle: Launchy, with a custom skin.
  • Top Right corner: Object Dock with Ecqlipse Icons (I have a hidden instance at the right corner, just above the clock that handles tray icons)
  • Desktop Coral is also running to prevent windows to hide the bars.
  • Wallpaper by Mark Spencer (sorry, I don't know the title).

Nice job, absoluto!


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