The Floating Shelves And Hidden Cables Workspace

The Floating Shelves And Hidden Cables Workspace

Today’s featured workspace is a great example of how, with some careful shopping and thoughtful layout, you can create an uncluttered and tidy workspace without a huge budget.

Lifehacker reader msweston took some basic building blocks from IKEA and assembled them into a sleek workspace with well manged cables and a tidy layout.

This is where all my work gets done, whether its school, email, editing, etc. The tables and shelves all came from IKEA and installing them became my summer project.

The shelves are set up so that when I walk in (door is just to the right) I can set all of my things on the section of the bottom most shelf. There is a bowl for change and my phone charger cable goes up a wire raceway that matches the wall.

All of the wires for the speakers, lamp, computer, and other electronics follow cable guides along the back of the table so there are no hanging cords

Using a series of simple plastic clips, see the photos below, he has indeed made a very tidy wire management system with minimal materials and footprint. Excellent work msweston!

The Floating Shelves and Hidden Cables Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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