The Computer Cabinet Office

If you want to pack a lot of computers and screen real estate into a small space while keeping the noise and heat under control, you might want to take a few notes from today's featured workspace.

Lifehacker reader Steve Price had a two-fold problem. His previous desk was short on space for all his monitors and the noise and heat generated by having all his computers under the desk was unpleasant. By taking advantage of an alcove in his computer room he was able to cut down on the heat and noise substantially.

He built a custom cabinet to fit into the alcove and hold his computers, some peripherals, and tools. The entire affair is cooled with large-diameter cooling fans and the heat is exhausted right out the window.

Check out the pictures to take a closer look and make sure to look over his construction and setup picture sets for tons of notes.

The Computer Cabinet Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Ok, using a large monitor dedicated to showing the time is going too far. "You need to get your hand off it!"

    That monitor looks alot like the Fliqlo screen saver. It features quite often in these workspace photos. Hell, it features quite often as my screensaver!

    The images of this from the Flickr Show and Tell Pool appear to have been taken down! Same for the images from the recent, Computer Cabinet Office Rebooted post. Are they available somewhere else?

    I was wanting to have a look at this to get some ideas for my own impending office remodel.


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