The Attic Playground

The Attic Playground

Most people think of attics as a place to stash boxes of Christmas ornaments and dusty boxes of mementos. Follow the example of today’s featured workspace, and the attic becomes a place for 8-core workstations and Rock Band sessions.

If we had to guess how Lifehacker reader edgefactor627 came about the idea of having such a pile of goodies in his attic, we’d have to go with him having a strong desire to serve as a beacon of fun for the whole neighbourhood, drawn to the signal of condensed awesomeness in the highest room in his house.

No matter what the motivation, the end result is a workspace that has plenty of personality—tartan carpet anyone?—and lots of space for work and play. On one end of the room is a MacPro 2009 with 8 cores, hooked up to dual 24″ displays and a Wacom Intuos tablet. On the other end of the room is a couch, 1080 HDTV with surround sound, and a Rock Band station complete with drum set. Check out the link to his Flickr set for additional photo notes.

The Attic Playground [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


  • Australian attics are not that big.
    In fact, Australian houses are quite small compared to American ones. We have sub par building standards. Ask any Australian where he stores his mower or bicycle or fishing rods and he’ll tell you that he had to build an outdoor shed because his house is too small.

  • I think that’s a bit of a general statement.
    My Aussie home is heaps bigger than my mate’s Manhattan apartment.

    There are some big houses and some small. One key thing is that most Aussies I know don’t like keeping the mower in the house. The shed is fine for that. My bikes are inside as it stands, but if we have any more kids, they go out to the shed!

    In fact I think the trend in Australia towards larger housing is a step backwards.


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