The AlphaBar Sphere Desktop

Reader RedBlackProduction's desktop shows off just how powerful the new Rainmeter 1.0 release really is, with expandable panels that drop down from the top bar for virtually everything you might want.

The desktop is created with nothing more than Rainmeter configurations, and is bundled with custom versions for various resolutions, including one configuration that scales to fit any desktop size. Each of the icons on the top bar are used to open up expandable panels with more information—so you can save space but still quickly access any information you might need. The full list of tabs includes:

  • Drives, Calendar, Trash, Battery, Weather, and Internet icons show exactly what you'd expect them to.
  • The Tasks icon launches a tab with your tasks and notes.
  • The System tab shows a process list right in the expanded panel view, along with shutdown and logoff options.
  • Gmail icon shows you the unread message count, and a preview of unread email messages in an expandable tab.
  • Twitter icon shows the last 9 tweets, and lets you send a message without any dedicated client.
  • RSS icon displays an RSS tab with the latest items.

The AlphaBar Sphere Desktop [Flickr]


    Lifehacker seems to keep pushing this prog even though it's all show and no tell. Every time I have bothered to see if it's stable, the veneer peels away quickly. I just installed it now and it crashed on me after a couple of minutes. I attempted to reopen it and it crashed instantly. Your previous post on Rainmeter shows a comment from another person with the same issue (albeit an annoying comment). I'm not going to bother going on a forum hunt for the answer, or to pull out, zip and post a syslog. It's pretty, but not that pretty. It's clearly a system hog, as many others have mentioned. I've noticed that people who often like something don't really test it out or have just downloaded it and are too excited. Why not promote this program when it's actually finished, not "finished."

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