Ten Ways Not To Use PowerPoint

ppexampleWe've all suffered death by PowerPoint, but that doesn't seem to stop the flood of bad presentations. BBC News rounds up 10 telling examples of PowerPoint at its worst.

While the list is countered with 10 examples of effective PowerPoint usage, it's the poor examples — from the worker made redundant via PowerPoint to the 117-slide over-charted nightmare — that most of us should learn from. While badly-designed presentations are a common source of complaint, the overriding issue is the use of a slide deck when one simply isn't warranted.

Evade a similar fate for your next presentation by avoiding common PowerPoint snags and learning how to fix frequent problems in PowerPoint presentations.

Your PowerPoint highs and lows [BBC News]


    some interesting examples and tips.
    a few missing tips I've learned over years of use:

    in PP2003 or earlier - spend a few minutes setting up a slide master to give a consistent style to your presentation, but avoid using the standard template graphics;

    in PP2007 - make use of the slide designer and preset colour palettes;

    * in any design/presentation never use more than two typefaces (not including bold or italics);

    * you can simply rename a .PPT file to .PPS to have it auto-open in slideshow mode, or rename .PPS to .PPT to open by default in edit mode;

    * if you have a lot of text in your presentation, paste or type it into the OUTLINE window -- it automatically formats it in the slide, enter creates a new slide, shift+enter creates a new paragraph.

    last but not least, if you think you might have to present it on another person's computer;
    * make sure you tick EMBED FONTS in OPTIONS
    * use publish > package for CD, to save your PPS with a latest version of the PPS viewer

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