Synchronise Web Passwords With Dropbox And RoboForm

Synchronise Web Passwords With Dropbox And RoboForm

Windows: RoboForm, one of our readers’ five favourite password managers, does a handy job of plugging passwords and form data into web sites. File synchronising tool Dropbox makes RoboForm even more convenient and automatically up to date.

Web Worker Daily suggests that keeping your RoboForm profile inside a Dropbox folder on every (Windows) computer you use gives you instant access to all the passwords you’ve added from work, home, or any system you surf on. We’ve previously highlighted Dropbox’s use as an ultimate password syncer using the free, multi-platform KeePass, and for strict Firefox users, XMarks does a decent job of securely syncing passwords over the web as well. But RoboForm fans, and users of Internet Explorer in particular, might find this automatic synchronisation of a tool that plugs in passwords for them more helpful in many ways.

How I Use Dropbox For Maximum Productivity [Web Worker Daily via jkOnTheRun]


  • Roboform now has a beta of Roboform Online which syncs with their servers allowing updating of multiple machines as well as online access to your information.

  • I actually love the RoboForm software myself. I use it all of the time and it takes all of the menial everyday tasks that I have to perform on my computer daily and shortens them extremely! What once took me fifteen minutes to complete now takes me only one second because RoboForm does the same task with just one click. In fact I saw a Report about a lot of RoboForm’s capabilities for use that aren’t even touched on in the User’s Manual for RoboForm. You can get that Report here:

    There is also a FREE version of RoboForm that you can download on this web page, just to test the RoboForm software out for yourself! I highly recommend it!

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