Suna Finally Arrives In Canberra

The promise that the Suna traffic information service would go virtually national in June was clearly a little ambitious, but it has finally happened. A press release from Suna claims that with Canberra now officially launched, 95% of the population have access to the service. Suna isn't planning much further expansion, so the big thing to watch now will be improved coverage within existing areas of high traffic.


    I like how the description makes it blindingly clear what suna actually is

      What part of 'traffic information service' in the description or 'GPS Traffic Updates' in the Suna logo next to it didn't you understand?

    what the hell is suna? this is quite possible the worst "click" I have made today, its a good thing there isnt any youtube view counts, otherwise i want to get my view refunded

      oh and by the way there is no traffic in canberra haha what a waste of a service

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