staticICE Hover Shows Price Ranges

staticICE Hover Shows Price Ranges
staticiceresultsPrice comparison site staticICE has long been a favourite Lifehacker resource for finding the best deals for tech online, but the volume of related results can sometimes make it hard to hone in on what you want — unless you know this little trick.

Because the default results show up in terms of price, many searches tend to start with accessories for a product rather than the product itself, forcing you to jump forward pages. However, if you hover over the page numbers, you’ll see an indication of the price range involved, making it much easier to hone in on the relevant results (especially if you’ve already got a price in mind from one retailer).

This feature has undoubtedly been in staticICE for some time, but I only noticed it yesterday while researching our Costco story, thanks to the site’s help tip suggestions. For another handy staticICE trick, learn how to customise searches by state.



  • I think a better solution would be to use advanced search. You can select price ranges and even which state, helpful when you’re looking for items which cost a lot of money to ship, so you just want to pick it up.
    Of course, those really are just search modifiers, so once you know then you can simply type them into the search; for example, I know if I wanted to limit my search to the state of Victoria, it would be state:vic, and a price bracket between $50 and $200 would be price:50..200

  • Whether this is newsworthy or not is debatable, Chris. However personally, I’m glad it was posted here, as I use staticice all the time, and was unaware of this useful feature.
    Lifehacker is about helping people with tips and ideas to improve the way they do things in their everyday life, not so much about ‘news’.

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