Squeeze Every Last Drop Out Of Product Dispensers

Squeeze Every Last Drop Out Of Product Dispensers

The tricky containers that hold shampoo, lotion and condiments leave a lot to be desired when it comes to getting every last bit of the product out. Use these tricks to get your money’s worth.

Consumer Reports tested a variety of containers used for products around the home and found that there was a large disparity between promised amounts and how easily you could get all the product you paid for out of the container.

The worst offenders were lotion bottles. Almost a quarter of the product was left behind when the container appeared to be “empty”, thanks to the thicker consistency of the lotion. Toothpaste, despite being frustrating when you’re down to the last squeeze, is actually packaged rather efficiently and generally only a small amount is left behind. Watch the video below for some tips on getting full use out of the products you purchase:

Check out the full article for more tips and a break down of container types and which ones require the most wrangling to give up their cargo.

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