Snaptu Packs Dozens Of Social And Information Apps Into A Phone-Friendly Platform

Java-enabled phones: Hate the interface on your phone when it comes to wrangling social sites like Facebook and Twitter? Wish the layout gave the info you wanted like movie times and weather? Snaptu is a Java-based phone interface that does.

If you can run Kava applications on your phone you can run Snaptu. The application provides a iPhone-esque tiled interface with a variety of tools like a Facebook client, a weather checker, and an interface for Google calendar among a dozen other tools.

The Snaptu interface is easy to navigate whether you're using a touch screen or directional pad—all of the menus are numbered and keypad friendly. Before downloading you can check out the catalog of applications on the Snaptu site and see what the interface and menus for various tools look like.

Snaptu is a free download and requires a mobile phone capable of running Java. Thanks Dirkhaim!



    I've been using Snaptu from my Nokia 6120c for a while now - the interface is great, but the Facebook Application falls a bit short. It reduces it to a Twitter-like interface.It is easy to send messages to people (but not write on walls)and look at statuses, but you can't really do anything else. The Twitter app, on the other hand, is tops.

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