Resize My Photos Batch Resizes Photos Quickly

Windows only: Sometimes you just want to quickly resize photos without retouching or cropping. Resize My Photos aims to do just that—and quickly.

Once installed, Resize My Photos adds an entry to your right-click context menu when you click on any single photo or multiple photo selection. Once you fire it up, you can add/remove files, add/remove directories, and change options—resize method, naming method, image quality, and output directory. Choose your preferences, click start, and Resize My Photos quickly takes care of the rest.

Resize My Photos is freeware, Windows only.

Resize My Photos


    I still use Microsoft's Image Resizer after trying a few different softwares. Much much lighter and easier to use, straight from the context menu. Just highlight the photos to resize, right click and resize to your the three common resolutions or custom preference.

    Yes but some of us don't use Windows XP, Raymond.

      Well if this is going to help, here's a clone of the XP version for Vista:

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