Project Playlist Helps You Find And Play New Music

Project Playlist is an all-in-one song search engine, playlist maker, and ring tone generator, giving it one-stop appeal for your daily free tune finding.

Project Playlist visitors can search for music by song titles or group names. After that, you can listen to the songs, save them to playlists for future playback and sharing, and even have Project Playlist generate and send you ringtones of any of the songs you find through the service.

If you're looking for something new to listen to, there is a constant stream of featured and top playlists to choose from. What's more, every time you search for music you get the chance to browse playlists that feature the artists and songs you're searching for.

How do your find new music to vary up your soundscape? Sound off in the comments with clever music discovery, er, discoveries.

Project Playlist [via WebWare]


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