Paste Images On Tilted Surfaces In Photoshop

Ever want to take an image and put it on a tilted surface in another image, a la the funny/fake illustrations at tech blogs or Photoshop contests? Digital Photography School provides the how-to low-down.

The tool you'll need is called a Vanishing Point Filter, and it came to life in Photoshop CS2. The basic technique is actually more simple than it would seem—you mainly have to be accurate in capturing the grid of the surface you're trying to paste the image onto, and then gentle when resizing your add-in image.

Got any great examples to show us of your own vanishing point skills? Know a better way to get it done? We'd love to hear about it.

Showcase your Photos Using the Vanishing Point Filter [Digital Photography School]


    I think this is a long winded way of doing something. I do these kinds of shots regularly (I'm in IT training).

    I just have 2 layers - the background image of the monitor and the image I want to be the 'screen'.

    Select the 'screen' image (usually just with a rectangular marquee).

    Right-click and select 'transform image'.
    Hold the control key down and drag each corner into the corner of the monitor.

    Click enter when done. That's it!

    As long as you are going from a rectangular image to a rectangular image (of ideally the same proportions) - it works, and I think quicker than the above example.

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