Navigon iPhone GPS App Released For Australia

navigon2Navigon, the iPhone GPS which we showed in a preview version last month, is now available for purchase.

At $69.99 (and it goes up to $99.99 on August 15), it's a fair bit more than most software featured at Lifehacker, but if you're already sporting an iPhone, then it's still cheaper than a standalone GPS. I'm not personally an iPhone user so I haven't tested it; if you do give it a try, share your experience in the comments.

Navigon (iTunes Store link)


    Looks decent enough, but still waiting on copilot for android....

    YOU'RE WHAT?!?!?!

    waiting on co-pilot for android?? lol is that a shock is it?

      Haha, I was referring to the author, but it's still relevant. How can you post on this website and not have the revolutionary iPhone? Sometimes I get the feeling this place is a little too Google-friendly just for the hell of it.

      Btw, this app is pretty darn good, just like having a real GPS without lugging around the extra unit. Now I can't wait for the cradle!

    Better than Sygic ?

    I'll wait for the TomTom cradle & app package for my iPhone thanks.

    I have just come back from 2 weeks in the UK. I used the iPhone with the Navigon app for 1000+ miles of driving without a missed turn.

    I will get this app with AUS mapping as soon as i need to over here.

      Thanks Darren. Will definitely try this now!

    haha there is a "batman ave" in melbourne thats another reason how gotham-like that place is haha

    I wonder what the data load when running this app....What to the bills look like?

      apparently all maps are installed and it can be used without an internet connection so no data charges as you use it.

    I Can Say I Have Been Using This Application For The Last Few Weeks In Australia, The Routing Is So Much Better Than Sygic, Although There Appears To Be No Speed Limits In The App Yet. Where As Sygic Has This, Its A Little Off Sometimes But Normally Good.

    This Is A Great App & I Would Recommend It.

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