Mitre 10 Busted By ACCC

mitre10The ACCC has been having a busy year cracking down on deceptive advertising, and the latest business to fall foul of advertising rules is hardware chain Mitre 10.

Mitre 10 drew the regulator's wrath after advertising a "20% off storewide sale" in February this year but didn't disclose Cash-savvy consumers are probably already aware that such sales are rarely absolute (you'll never see consoles including in "10% off all toys" sales, for instance), but the failure to disclose those terms in television ads and online was what got Mitre 10 into trouble (it's made legal undertakings to ensure it doesn't happen again).

The business lesson? Make sure you disclose adequately. The consumer lesson? Check carefully before buying sale goods.

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Misleading Mitre 10 'storewide' sale [ACCC]


    Poor Mitre 10. It's tough battling with all those large discount hardware stores. I guess you have to play dirty when the going gets tough.

    I remember Target getting in trouble for similar things a few years ago for having tiny print on screen that people couldnt read, so now they have it in bold. Yet strangely other companies are still allowed to have tiny print on screen

    On ya Mitre 10 you've done it again.

    But you know what really strikes as me as a bit suspicious is the fact that in 2001 Wesfarmers were allowed to buy the Howard Smith Group (owner of then market second and third runners BBC Hardware and Hardwarehouse), where in the world is would the number one have the green light to buy the number two and three?

    Would you ever see Woolworth buying Coles out of Wesfarmers hands. No.

    Then AGAIN the ACCC allows Wesfarmers to buy-out three Mitre 10 stores?

    How can that help competition?

    The ACCC is a joke!

    Had my rant,
    Liam Lively

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