Microsoft Outlook Coming To Mac Office

Microsoft today announced that the next version of Office for Mac will ship with Outlook. One major obstacle to adopting OS X in the workplace for many has been the lack of Microsoft Outlook for Macs—as Outlook is the de facto standard for most corporate environments.

Macs had Entourage, but that's always seemed more like a creaky workaround than a full-fledged solution. With the new version of Office for Mac, set to release sometime in 2010, Outlook comes to the Mac (and eliminates one of Lifehacker Australia editor Angus' biggest misgivings about the Mac).

Microsoft via TechCrunch


    A year to late here :( now we are stuck with Lotus Notes.

    Well, there goes my last excuse for resisting going to a for some retail therapy...

    In other news, Microsoft Entourage for OS X Web Services Edition which plays nicer with Exchange was also released today.

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