Make iTunes Friendly To WMA, OGG, And FLAC Files

Audiophiles love FLAC files for their lossless fidelity, while Ogg and WMA files aren't widely supported. With free plug-ins, all three of those formats can be played and managed in iTunes.

MacWorld links to and explains a number of free iTunes plug-ins, both official (Windows Media for QuickTime) and third-party, that make Windows Media Audio, freely-licensed Ogg and FLAC files compatible with iTunes libraries on Windows or Mac. In the case of FLAC files, you'll actually have to convert the file types from .flac to .mov, but the article explains the easy way to do that with Mac's Automator. On Windows systems, we'd suggest the previously mentioned Bulk Rename Utility. Found another way to make Apple's generally walled-off media manager play nice with non-native formats? Tell us how in the comments.

Play .wma, Ogg, and FLAC Files in ITunes [PC World/MacWorld]


    Convert FLAC to MOV? Then might as well just convert FLAC to ALAC. *facepalm*

      I agree, total facepalm.
      I was hoping for something that would allow me to use iTunes to put music on my iPod touch from a huge collection of FLAC that I play on a linux machine. *sigh* Looks like manual conversion still every time I want something new on my iPod.

        Apparently you can use MediaMonkey to do this on-the-fly (ie convert from FLAC to MP3/MP4/AAC)

      Actually they meant to change the extensions so that iTunes buy it and xiph quictime components decode flac content

      in fact, there is no need to convert .ogg file to itunes format, if you only play .ogg file in itunes

      just free download and install Xiph QuickTime Components
      then your itunes will accept .ogg files

      if you also put .ogg to ipod,iphone,ipad, then you need to convert .ogg to itunes/ipod/iphone/ipad compatible format

      the following tutorial will guide you how to put .ogg file to itunes in solution 1 and guide you how to put .ogg file to itunes/ipod/iphone/ipad in solution2

    Another way is convert WMA, OGG, FLAC to iTunes more supported audio format.

    I use a software called iDealshare VideoGo which can convert iTunes
    unsupported WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, 3GA, etc to iTunes supported MP3, Apple
    Lossless, AAC, AIFF and etc

    Just google search How to Use iDealshare VideoGo to Convert FLAC to iTunes, you will find a detailed guide.


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