Make A Smoke Alarm Clock To Wake Even The Soundest Sleeper

Make A Smoke Alarm Clock To Wake Even The Soundest Sleeper

Some people can sleep through anything and everything. Crashing thunder, breaking dishes, a bus driving through the house? No problem! But some self-preservation instinct seems to force even the soundest sleepers awake when they hear a smoke alarm go off.

Photo by Redvers

Instructables user k_man93 takes advantage of this basic reaction and shows us how to use that shrill smoke detector “beeper” in a basic alarm clock. All you’ll need is a cheap-o alarm clock, a smoke detector and some tools (screwdriver, pliers and—you guessed it—a soldering iron).

Check out the Instructables page for the detailed step-by-step. While you’re here, tell us about what gets you up and out of bed in the mornings. Is it the smell of coffee, a regular, non-smoke detector alarm clock or maybe a sharp poke to the ribs?

Heavy Sleepers’ Alarm Clock [Instructables]


  • I have a PC in my room hooked up to a set of speakers directly under the head of my bed… It’s in sleep mode (S3) most of the time until about 8am when it plays randomly from my music collection for 25mins at sufficient volume for me not to be able to sleep through it. It’s pretty loud.

    • LOL>.. the house is burning down but you tell yourself .. “oh just a few more minutes.. the boss won’t mind me been late”

      this reminds me once wen i came home *cough*stoned*cough* and i walked right in forgetting to turn off the alarm.. i was in the lounge barely alive and i could hear this sound that kept morphing in weird repetitive ways but I just thought it was in my head!

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