Make A Life Poster Using Picasa

Make A Life Poster Using Picasa
If you’ve got a bunch of pictures from a special occasion, then you might want to do more than share them on Facebook. Using Google’s free Picasa editor (a favourite among Lifehacker readers), you can easily create a life poster with the best images.

At Project Woman, blogger Helen Bradley outlines how to use Picasas’s Collage feature to build a life poster (a concept first popularised by Apple’s iLife package). As she points out, square images tend to produce better results; you can either crop them yourself or let Picasa handle that automatically. We’ve detailed a similar strategy using Irfanview in the past, but as several commenters on that post noted, Picasa does automate the process much more effectively.

Cool Photo Apps #3 Create a life poster [Project Woman]


  • Just be sure to set up your poster at the intended print size at a resolution of at least 150dpi. 300dpi will provide optimum results.

    Saving your file as a jpg (no compression – use the highest setting) will ensure a smaller file size, without losing quality.

    I’m sharing this information for entirely-selfish reasons. I work for a poster printing company, , and it makes me cry every time people send through fantastic designs, at an unprintable 72 dpi. Garbage in = garbage out!

    My friends, please take the time to do it right and you’ll get a killer end result.

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