Make A Fish Tank Cleaner With A Gatorade Cap And Ring

Fish fans know that magnets are great when it comes time to clean an aquarium. Now web site Instructables details how to make your own magnetic fish tank cleaner with the help of a Gatorade cap and plastic ring.

To build one, all you'll need is a Gatorade cap, around two to four magnets, some Velcro, a glue gun, and a plastic ring. The hack is an economically welcoming alternative to more costly commercial cleaning systems—and both your fish and pocket book will be grateful for the effort.

Check out the above video to see the completed tank cleaner in action, then hit up the full post for the step-by-step.

How to Make a Magnetic Fish Tank Cleaner [Instructables]


    Poor fishies are getting stressed out seeing some strange creature crawling on their tank.

    i find the best way to keep the glass in my aquarium clean is by the addition of a couple of bristlenose catfish :) heated aquariums only though

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