Mac Office Gets Business Version For Double The Money

officemac2008_webAs part of a longer-term plan that includes adding Outlook to the Mac version of Office, Microsoft has released a new business-specific version of Office for Mac. That's a welcome step for corporate users who want to use the Mac, but it doesn't come cheap.

While Office for Mac Business Edition drops on September 16, it will cost $499 (and in 2010 that will go up to $599). The regular home/student edition costs $229. For the extra money, corporate users get the "web services edition" of Entourage with enhanced Exchange support, Document Connection for Mac for Sharepoint integration, and additional business-specific templates and clip art. Existing corporate users can upgrade for $349.

Does Outlook appearing remove a major Mac roadblock in your workplace? Share your thoughts in the comments.


    Has this not been around since the dawn of Office for Mac 08 --- Home & Student, Ultimate and "Standard" aka business use?? Or is this new??

    The joys of our company is that we can use whatever we want. We use the Outlook web interface for email (primarily) as we are generally out on client sites. VPN is an option to use Outlook and exchange but the guys running Apple and Linux couldn't be bothered.... Still trying to upsell gmail but it has, in past proven to be unreliable.

    The other Office applications are a nice to have an aren't an impediment to getting work done, Open office and compatability gets you close enough.

    As long as they only call it 'Home Version'! I upgraded from Mac Office 2004 Student version to 2008 Student version and lost the exchange capabilities - very sly and despicable. It was really unhelpful since I am a full time PhD student who relys on university systems for communications!

    So...students be aware! Check it's compatibility before you buy. It may not be worth upgrading, or you may be better off to find a 2004 version.

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