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  • Top 5 Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For
    You can’t get everything for nothing, but there are some things no-one should be paying top dollar for. Here’s Lifehacker’s top ways to keeping your outgoings low.
  • Top 10 Tricks For Making Your Playlists Rock If music is part of your everyday work routine, workout, or commute, stuffing your player full of tunes and hitting shuffle just won't cut it. Scan these 10 tips for improving and expanding your music playlists.
  • Ten More Neat And Productive Android Apps (Android) The Android Market keeps growing, new phones are coming to seemingly every carrier, but finding the best, most useful stuff remains a challenge. We're helping out with 10 apps that get things done and make Android life easier.
  • Why You Should Challenge A Dubious Tax Assessment
    If you got your tax in early (and electronically), you could well have a refund by now. But what if you get a huge bill — and one that you don’t think is reasonable? The statistics suggest you should lodge a formal objection.
  • Rainmeter 1.0 Brings The Enigma Desktop To Everyone Windows only: Rainmeter 1.0 not only includes the latest version of the very popular Enigma desktop, it has a theme manager and configuration tool-so you can set up a killer desktop without a line of code.
  • Firefox 3.6 Alpha Adds Tab Previews, Boosts Startup Time (Windows/Mac/Linux) Lovers of bleeding-edge browsers, rejoice: the first alpha of Firefox 3.6, code-named Namoroka, is available for download. Grab it to check out JavaScript improvements, startup time speed-ups, visual tab previews and behaviour tweaks, and other changes.
  • Avoid Extra Charges That Inflate Air Ticket Prices
    Competitive pressures mean that air travel is cheaper than ever — but airlines keen to turn a dollar are trying to make up the difference with a range of hidden charges. Here’s some of the options you need to keep an eye out for.
  • Five Best Video Players We've come a long way since animated GIFs and video-game-style MIDI files were considered cutting edge computer-provided A/V entertainment. Take advantage of today's high-quality video with one of these five most popular video players.
  • Firefox 4.0 Theme Skips A Year Ahead In Looks (Windows) Mozilla released the mockups for the far-in-the-future Firefox 4.0 release, and just like with the 3.7 release mockups, a motivated user has already created a lookalike theme that you can install now.
  • The Trap Door Desk At first glance, today's featured workspace might appear to be yet another so-hip-it-hurts, ultra-spartan Mac workspace. This space, however, has a secret.
  • MyCollections Organises Your Media, Apps And More (Windows) myCollections is an all-in-one organiser app that keep tabs on all your stuff. Better still, it can load as a portable app, letting you show off your unique tastes on a friend's system.
  • Digsby Joins The Dark Side, Uses Your PC To Make Money The popular Digsby instant messenger client not only bundles half a dozen "optional" crapware applications, it's also using your computer to crawl the web, do stock market research, and more. It's time to uninstall.
  • uTorrent 2.0 Beta Brings Fixes And Improvements, Adds UDP Support (Windows) uTorrent, the most popular BitTorrent client on the planet, has released a new 2.0 beta complete with bug fixes and new features, including UDP tracker support.
  • How to Build a Web Site from Scratch with No Experience I took one (bad) computer science class in college, and I'm not a web developer. So in early 2008, when I decided I was finally going to build a web site I'd been fantasizing about for years, I was starting from scratch.
  • Invisible Hand Subtly Shows Best Web Prices (Firefox) Invisible Hand is an apt name for a deal-finding Firefox add-on. Visit a priced item page at more than 50 U.S. or UK retailer sites, and a subtle drop-down bar informs whether you've got the best price out there.
  • BatteryCare Displays Detailed Battery Information (Windows) System monitoring utility BatteryCare shows detailed information about your battery's wear level, capacity, and consumption—and even shows the CPU temperature as an added bonus.
  • Time Drive Does Incremental Backup Across Networks (Windows/Max/Linux) Inspired by our post on Linux backup utility Back in Time, but finding it lacking encryption and network powers, Rob Oakes wrote his own Python-based utility to back up Windows, Mac or Linux machines across local machines or networks.
  • LockHunter Deletes Stubborn Files And Applications (Windows) Everyone has run into the problem at some point. You want to move or delete a file and Windows flat-out denies you because the file is supposedly in use. Break your file free with LockHunter.
  • FreeFileSync Offers Robust File Syncing With Easy To Use Interface (Windows) FreeFileSync has a myriad of options for syncing files between two folders and locations. The user interface is especially user friendly and makes it easy to quickly adjust your settings.


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