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playareaKick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • No Data On Horizon For Woolworths Mobile
    3G broadband might be a rapidly expanding market, but it doesn’t look like Woolworths wants to get into it just yet, despite making a move on the mobile phone market.
  • Spotify Is The Best Desktop Music Player We've Ever Used Imagine a music app with instant access to any song you wanted to hear. Imagine creating a playlist from those songs and quickly, easily sharing it with friends. Such an app does exist, it's called Spotify, and it could change music forever.
  • Rainmeter 1.0 Brings The Enigma Desktop To Everyone (Windows) Rainmeter 1.0 not only includes the latest version of the very popular Enigma desktop, it has a theme manager and configuration tool—so you can set up a killer desktop without a line of code.
  • Use Baking Paper To Keep The Office Sandwich Press Clean
    A sandwich press is a welcome addition to any workplace kitchen, and a fine way of making your packed lunch more interesting. However, keeping it clean can be a fiddly task.
  • A Burglar's Advice On Hiding Money We've already shown you where and how to safely hide cash in your home, but if you really want to learn how, why not ask the expert? The following are some dos and don'ts of money storage courtesy of a former burglar.
  • SmillaEnlarger Enlarges Your Images Without Artefacts (Windows/Mac OS X) Enlarging images, especially from lower resolution source images, can be dicey business. Want to enlarge an image and you don't want it to look like an 8-bit video game sprite? SmillaEnlarger can keep things smooth and artefact free.
  • How Selfish Users Can Mess With Off-Peak ISP Deals
    If your ISP offers separate peak and off-peak download limits, it makes sense to schedule large downloads to happen overnight and not risk being shaped or paying excess fees each month. But not all consumers seem willing to go along with that strategy.
  • Massacre Gmail Ads With These Two Sentences (And Some Tragic Words) Those "Sponsored Ads" in e-mails are an annoyance to both sender and recipient and they seem to escape blocking. Until now. These two (so far) fail-proof sentences at the end of an email will let you enjoy e-mailed rants, ad-free.
  • Amahi Turns Old Systems Into Full-Featured Media Servers (Linux Installation) Wouldn't it be neat if you could turn an old laptop or desktop into a media centre that served and streamed movies, music, and files, and even backed up your other systems? With an Amahi installation, it's not too hard.
  • Top 10 Computer Hardware Fixes And Upgrades If your desktop or laptop parts have died or seen better days, you've got a friend. All of your Lifehacker editors-and many helpful net denizens-have upgraded or repaired faulty systems, and we've rounded up some of their most helpful tutorials.
  • TidySongs Cleans Up Your Music Genres (Windows/Max OS X) TidySongs is an Adobe AIR application that analyses your iTunes library to find duplicates, clean up tracks, and better organize your genres (something that's always been the black hole of metadata with my music).
  • Office On The Forest's Edge The only thing today's featured office shares with your average office is the fact that it has a roof and a floor. Beyond that it's quite a different space than most of us spend our days in.
  • PeerBlock Protects Your Downloading Privacy From Prying Eyes (Windows) Free application PeerBlock is a fork of Peer Guardian 2, the popular application designed to protect your privacy when downloading, updating the two-year-old application with various bug fixes and improvements.
  • Five Best PDF Readers Adobe's free PDF reader has long been a standard for handling its extremely popular document format, but you aren't limited to using it to view your PDF files.
  • BlueScreenView Helps Troubleshoot the Blue Screen of Death (Windows) Free, portable system utility BlueScreenView displays your last Blue Screen of Death, so you can more easily see the error message—while you use Google to figure out the problem.
  • The Complete Guide To Going Paperless You already pay your bills online and get electronic statements, but there are even more ways you can stop killing innocent trees and wasting time and money dealing with paper.
  • Windows 7 RTM Now Available For MSDN And TechNet Subscribers (Windows) The march to the full Windows 7 release continues, as today Microsoft makes Windows 7 available to subscribers to their MSDN and TechNet services. Not you? Most consumers will have to wait until the official October 22nd release, but for a closer look at the release schedule of Windows 7, take a look at this handy chart from the Windows 7 Team Blog.
  • Reset Your Sleep Cycle With A 16-Hour Fast Your brain's natural tendencies don't easily accommodate international flights, all-nighters, or rotating shift work. Refusing to eat for about 16 hours before waking up, however, can help reboot your sleep cycle.
  • Chrome Releases New Beta, Improves New Tab Page, Adds HTML5 Functionality (Windows) Google has released a new beta for Chrome, featuring changes to the new tab page including the ability to pin web site thumbnails, hide pages, and other improvements.
  • Avoid Inappropriate Email Signoffs Whether work-related or on personal time, most of us send multiple emails daily, which is why learning how to properly close the correspondence is essential because, as the Washington Post notes, you can pay the price for a "careless closing".
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 Update Released (Mac OS X) Apple just rolled out OS X 10.5.8, their final minor point release before the big jump to Snow Leopard this September.
  • Windows XP Mode RC Available For Windows 7 (Windows 7) We already showed you how to set up and use XP Mode in Windows 7 using the beta version of XP Mode; now XP Mode has updated from beta to a new release candidate for your XP virtualisation needs.


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