JB Hi-Fi Has Two $20 iTunes Cards For $30

Latest in the ongoing parade of iTunes cards deals: JB Hi-Fi has two $20 cards on offer for a total price of $30. The offer runs until September 7, though prior experience suggest JB will end it early at individual stores if stocks run out. [via OzBargain]


    These things pop up all the time here, yet every time I go into the shop and ask about them I get greeted with blank stares. If I'm lucky they'll take the time to call a few people over and ask them if they've heard of it. But in the end I'm always told I must be mistaken and sent on my way.

    A new JB HI-FI opened up locally and I asked one of the pestering sales people if they ever had sales on the iTunes cards. "Oh no", he said, "Apple tightly controls those. We never have sales on those".

    So can someone clue me in on the secret handshake I'm supposed to give?

      No idea what that's about, but I've often seen these iTunes deals in the JB catalogue. Maybe you're just getting clueless salespeople (which wouldn't surprise me..).

      If you have no luck at JB then don't worry because Aus Post and DSE have the same deal quite regularly as well.

      It's actually advertised on the JB Hifi website at http://www.jbhifi.com.au/portable/mp3-players/ so you might want to take a screenshot and print it just in case they try and question you again.

    ozbargain is a great website -- so is buckscoop, which rewards you with cashback on top of certain discount offers. there are thousands of these discount websites, but they are all about discounts and bargains and free offers.
    I didn't think that was the purpose of lifehacker -- am I mistaken??

      Lifehacker has several purposes -- pointing out ways of saving money on technology-related purchases is certainly one of them. We're not aiming to compete with bargain aggregators like OzBargain, but for categories like iTunes cards we do quite often link to bargains that show up there.

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