Is Tweeting The Birth Experience Going Too Far?

Is Tweeting The Birth Experience Going Too Far?

The wife of Twitter’s CEO tweeted details of her labour. Is anything off limits when it comes to social networking?

Our sibling publication Babble reports that Sara Morishige tweeted up until the moment she got an epidural, though she seems to have eventually have been distracted by the slightly pressing matter of actually giving birth. We’re the first to argue Twitter is useful, but we’re wondering: is there anything you wouldn’t be prepared to tweet? Funerals? Sexual encounters? Brushing your teeth? Share your boundaries in the comments.

Wife Of Twitter CEO Tweets Birth [Babble]


  • I’ve tweeted after sex (would’ve during but phone was out of reach), on the toilet, in the shower, vomiting after heavy drinking… Twitter has no boundaries, it’s all ‘What are you doing’ right now.
    I say props to Sara for her birth tweets & thankyou for not using twitpic during.

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