iiNet Launches BoB the Router, With A Phone

Router and modem setups are a complicated affair in many a households. Factor in phone lines and the situation can be messy to say the least. iiNet have managed to simplify matters by bringing the internet and phone together with their latest router/modem offering, BoB.

The Belkin manufactured OS agnostic beast features four Ethernet ports, support for 802.11n, two USB ports, future 3G modem compatibility, access to iiNet's Freezone content, as well as compatibility with gaming consoles, home wireless and wired computers.

But the unit's big selling point: BoB supports three phone lines (1 PSTN and 2 VoIP) and allows you to connect up to five handsets, simultaneously. Despite its antennae-free exterior, the unit boasts a wi-fi range of up to 100 metres indoors.

BoB's sleek and modern design is also a stand out. As is the hassle-free setup- the nifty little BoB both connects and configures itself on installation. And with compatible plans providing 10 email addresses, around the clock support, 10gb webspace and no excess download charges, iiNet’s latest is a solid option for small businesses and households.

At $369 outright or $269 on contract, BoB is affordable to boot.

For more information on BoB and BoB plans, click through to the iiNet website.


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