iiNet BoB Is An All-In-One Router And Charging Station

iiNet BoB Is An All-In-One Router And Charging Station
iinetbobInternet service providers often sell modem and router hardware, but rarely do much to brand it beyond adding basic customer settings before shipping. iiNet’s BoB is a slightly more versatile beast, offering two USB ports for charging and connectivity and allowing up to five handsets to be connected for use with VOiP services.

iiNet’s big selling point for BoB is its looks, with the site boasting about its “modern design with black premium glass look & feel, and no external antennae” That last point would cue a reception panic for me right away, but the Belkin-designed and manufactured unit claims a range of 100 metres.

Unsurprisingly, BoB is only being sold to iiNet customers, at $369 outright (including a handset) or $269 if you sign up for a 24-month contract. Additional handsets are $69 each.

Does BoB hit the spot for you, or would you rather pay less (a lot less in some cases) for a traditional router/modem bundle? Is it impossible to think of the product without remembering Microsoft’s failed Bob interface? Offer your thoughts in the comments.

iiNet BoB


  • Why any company in this day and age would release a brand new router without gigabit ethernet is beyond my comprehension. I would have purchased this product if it had gigabit ethernet but as it stands they just lost a sale.

    • Because a home internet connection couldn’t max out a 100m/bit hub perhaps.

      If you want something like that, get a giga switch and plug you modem into it. It would probably end up cheaper.

      Secondly, if you home needs a gigabit network, it probably also needs a DMZ which you’d want to put in between.

      • Obviously it’s not about the speed over the gateway, it’s about the LAN speed. Copying a file from one computer to another, for instance – you don’t have to be a super power user to notice that copying over 100Mbit takes 2 minutes whereas copying over gigabit takes 20 seconds.

        I agree it’s a baffling omission. I’m not all that interested in this kind of product but the 90s style ethernet rules it out completely.

  • iiNet are doing a very good job of marketing broadband and all its options to the average punter. They are speaking their language, using a bit of humour in advertising, and simplifying everything and BoB seems to be a great step towards this (if a little pricey).

  • Damn it I just bought a N router last week. for more and it didn’t have Voip stuff which would have been a deal closer for me. I have been with iinet for 1year 4 months and couldn’t go anywhere else. itunes and iview is where its at baby.

    Go Bob.

  • it looks pretty fine, but looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to cordless phones (eg. the Telstra/Doro/Oricom phones look awesome but in the hand they feel and sound like crap, while the majority of Panasonic/Uniden phones look cheap and nasty but give the best comfort and sound quality) — that said, I’d definitely test it out in store before buying;

    as for the router, it’s unassuming discreet looks could be it’s downside — the current trend in routers is a fully informative LCD screen, which make debugging these most inscrutable of devices a lot easier — no-one wants a box with flashing lights that you need to find the damned manual to decode every time you have any kind of WAN/LAN issue, but that applies most of all to home users who this device is clearly aimed at;

    the inclusion of features is great to see, I hope more products come out with this kind of setup, such as integrated USB charging station, this unit’s just a little lacking in some areas;

    bottom line — if you know your way well around tech, this device probably won’t offer you the features, speed or reliability you’re looking for; on the other hand, if you’re a regular joe, who doesn’t know your WPA2 from your WEP, then you’ll find this unit especially challenging when things inevitably go wrong — either way there are better options out there.

  • Went over to my parents house today – and there he is – BoB sitting on the bench, phone in the charger, so i had a look about at the manual – in PDF format three directory layers deep on the installation cd. it has wep,wpa,wpa2 – can have a network attached storage device plugged into the usb port OR a wireless 3G for when/if the adsl2+ goes down. the unit automatically downloads and installs updates overnight when necessary, the phone is crystal clear on voip connections – thats the only type i could try, and has a fxo port for a landline should the power go out. I was a little dissapointed that the network storage could be used as a http/ftp share over the net but no bittorrent support, but as it’s only software that could be yet to come. All in all a good job from iinet and beilkin. just gotta phone them up tomorrow and see if i can get one.

  • Had this for a few months now. So far not one bit of paper has managed to come loose from underneath it. Best looking paperweight I’ve seen!
    Easy to setup. Looks great. Phone is a bit average (look and feel).
    Who cares about a Gigabit ethernet, the max I’ve gotten out of this is 5mb/s so not really putting pressure on a Gigabit cable.
    VOIP worked fine. Then the first firmware was delivered to me. VOIP gone. Raised a problem via email stating the phone doesn’t work with their helpdesk. Their response was “call us on 13 22 58 to fix”. Happy Days!
    Yep world class paperweight.

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