iiNet BoB Is An All-In-One Router And Charging Station

iinetbobInternet service providers often sell modem and router hardware, but rarely do much to brand it beyond adding basic customer settings before shipping. iiNet’s BoB is a slightly more versatile beast, offering two USB ports for charging and connectivity and allowing up to five handsets to be connected for use with VOiP services.

iiNet’s big selling point for BoB is its looks, with the site boasting about its “modern design with black premium glass look & feel, and no external antennae” That last point would cue a reception panic for me right away, but the Belkin-designed and manufactured unit claims a range of 100 metres.

Unsurprisingly, BoB is only being sold to iiNet customers, at $369 outright (including a handset) or $269 if you sign up for a 24-month contract. Additional handsets are $69 each.

Does BoB hit the spot for you, or would you rather pay less (a lot less in some cases) for a traditional router/modem bundle? Is it impossible to think of the product without remembering Microsoft’s failed Bob interface? Offer your thoughts in the comments.

iiNet BoB


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