How To Travel For Free

holidaysheepWant to take a trip but don't have any cash? Finance blog Money Compare rounds up 12 ways to see the world that involve spending little or no money.

Some of the tips are obvious (hitchhiking, saving frequent flyer points) and others aren't that helpful (simply relying on the kindness of strangers has its limits), but there's also some useful links to projects like WWOOF and HF Holidays. Many rely on the classic work a little/save a lot equation. If you've got additional free travel resources to contribute, let's hear them in the comments.

12 Ways to Travel the World for Free! [Money Compare]


    Couch surfing is a great way to save on accommodation and meet new people on your travels.

    i live in lebanon and i don't have anybody here.. i want to go to australia sydney to my uncle allows you to ride share around Australia for some cheap transport and even includes free campervan / hire car relocation offers.

    If you are travelling in Spain and want to go hiking in the Costa blanca mountains you can download free routes from this website.

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