Have Your Say On The Government's Web 2.0 Plans

It might sound like something from The Hollowmen, but the Federal Government really is running a 'Government 2.0' taskforce to assess how Web 2.0 technologies can be better used to deliver services — and in suitably interactive style, they're seeking online commentary on it.

Submissions on the issues paper are being invited until August 24, which should give you plenty of time to explain your ideas on where government online services could be improved. (After that date, the taskforce will still accept feedback on its blog, but not on the specific issues raised in the paper.)



    The government isn't going to roll out the new national broadband system for towns that have under 1000 residents. So maybe they can actually put a real person in our town for us to interact with. That would be novel.

    How about before moving on to using the "new" tech the govt makes sure we can all access it first. As was the implications of their national broadband promise.

      Kat I don't think you have a full grasp on the the concept of the 'Government 2.0'. It relates to how web 2.0 technologies (social networking) can be utilised within the government sector (both state and federal) to communicate better with the public.

      Unfortunately, infrastructure does not relate to this. I will be attending this event as a government member; so if you have any ideas I will be more than willing to put these forward. More the merrier!

    They will spend millions on the project, it will be a poor product and then everyone will get on it and complain all day long and then they will end the service.

    Save millions and don't do it.

    Web 2.0 technologies can backfire badly.

    @Kat, The government promised to make broadband available to everyone, not necessarily via fiber optics. If anywhere can't fibered they will be setting up wireless networks to compromise, sure it's not as fast, but probably better than what they get out there.

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