Google Enhances Date Search Options

daterangeGoogle users can now find pages within a given date span with its options feature expanding to allow any time period you fancy.

The dedicated Google watchers at the Google Operating System blog point out that the existing options to find images from a number of set periods has been expanded with the new 'Custom date range' option for setting the period a search is to cover. The dating is based on Google's own crawling of sites, so it shouldn't be taken as an absolute guarantee, but it's a useful option to have.

Find Web Pages from a Certain Date Range [Google Operating System]


    thats a grt feature .. well .. let me try my hands on it . and explore it .. whether I get what I m looking for .. or not ..

    Finally. I've been using the "advanced search" options for years and i'm sick of it. Now a simple solution that lets us search for forum posts that are POST 2004!

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