Google Chrome Theme Gallery Open For Business, 30 New Themes Await

While themes aren't exactly all about productivity, strictly speaking, it never hurts to spice things up a little bit and make your workspace a little friendlier. To that end, Google Chrome's new Theme gallery adds a little spice to your Chrome installation.

You'll need to be using Google Chrome 3 to install any of the themes, and doing so is as simple as clicking the Apply theme button for any of the visible themes. We've verified the themes as working on both Windows and OS X, and presumably they should be working just fine on Linux, as well. Thanks cjk1171!

Google Chrome Themes Gallery [Google]


    I could only get a few of them to work, most of them kept coming up saying
    Could not install extension from 'C:\Documents and Settings\****\My Documents\Downloads\latenight.crx.' Invalid value for theme images - tints must be decimal numbers)

    Any idea's?

      Same here Louis - now I've got some fugly them stuck on.

        Haha yeah some of the better ones wouldn't work! star gazing works on mine give that one a try, its alright.

    you need to have the latest dev build of chrome

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